Seasonal Rental Agreement



The signing of the contract binds both parties irrevocably. No termination is
possible without written agreement of the parties.
All cancellations must be sent by registered letter and / or email
* Cancellation 30 days before arrival FREE
* Cancellation between 30 Days and 14 days before arrival FOR COVID FREE CANCELLATION, for other reasons we keep 30% of the price of the stay.
* Cancellation between 14 days and 5 days before arrival FOR COVID postponement of stay, for another reason we keep 100% of the price of the reservation.


The fees for rent, charges, and the security deposit fee are indicated to the guest by the reservation agent during the booking process.


The parties agree that the aforementioned rental fees include the payment of rental charges, and the provision of the following services:
– secured online reservation
– personalised welcome
– provision of linens (sheets and towels)
– professional housekeeping prior to and following the stay
– toiletries
– concierge service
According to articles n° L.2333-26 and following of the French General Local Authorities Code, and applying the City Council’s decree of , the aforementioned rental fees also cover payment of the occupancy tax, the amount of which is fixed at per night and per adult older than 13 (thirteen) years.


Security deposit cover any potential damages incurred to the property and/or the furniture and/or other equipment in the property or other fixtures of the rented premises. Any object depreciated, broken, lost, or damaged will have to be replaced or refunded to Air conciergerie with its value of replacement by the tenant.
This non-interest-bearing security deposit in no case shall be considered as part of the rent payment. After returning the keys, and in the absence of damages reported by either party, the security deposit will be released in full immediately. Failing that, the security deposit will be returned post deduction of any costs incurred from repairs or replacements attributed to the tenant and/or other occupants, at the very latest within 60 (sixty) days following the tenant’s departure. If Air conciergerie is unable to inspect the property at the time of the tenant’s departure, the security deposit will be retained until the property has been inspected and found to be damage free, and returned within thirty days at the latest, following the tenant’s departure. The return of keys to Air conciergerie at the end of the rental period does not supersede the waiver of claims for rental repairs against the security deposit if the damage incurred is the work of the tenant and/or other occupants, if it can be proved that the damages were made by the tenant.
If the amount of the deposit is found to be insufficient to cover the damages, the tenant commits to settle the difference between the deposit and the actual cost of repairs for damages to the premises or contents upon Air conciergerie’s written request.


Without the prior agreement of Air conciergerie, the premises as object of the present rental on no account must be occupied by a number of people approved by the reservation agent, according to the maximum occupancy. Where necessary, Air conciergerie can refuse entry to the premises. In the case of non-compliance with the number of occupants, Air conciergerie reserves the right to withhold the deposit to repair damage caused by the excessive occupation of the premises.


1. To occupy the premises only for private use, excluding exercise of any trade, profession, or industry, with the tenant in full recognition of the fact that this rental has been granted only AS A TEMPORARY AND RECREATIONAL RESIDENCE, a major condition without which the present hiring would not have been authorized.
2. That they, their family, or relatives do nothing that might be disrespectful towards neighbours or other occupants.
3. If renting an apartment within a complex, the tenant must comply with the ground rules of the building, which are available by either means of PUBLIC NOTICE or will be COMMUNICATED TO YOU BY AIR CONCIERGERIE.
4. To occupy the premises personally and to sub-let under no circumstances, even freely, nor to yield its rights to the present rental, except with written agreement from Air conciergerie.
5. To not store movable objects under any pretext, except for linen and small objects.
6. To make no modification and no change to the arrangement of furniture and fittings.
7. To not to bring any pet (dogs, cats etc.) into the premises without prior permission from Air conciergerie, with the possibility of confinement unless the animal causes no damage to the building and does not upset the neighbours in any way.
8. To permit work on the premises that cannot be postponed.
9. To maintain the leased property and return it in good order, with repair work carried out where necessary. If the apartment is not returned in good order, Air conciergerie reserves the right to retain all or part of the security deposit. To respond to damages and losses arising during the duration of the present contract that affect the rented property/properties or any communal areas of the building, unless it can be proved that they occurred due to force majeure. The tenant must cover expenses of repairs defined under the French decree n° 87-712 of 26 August 1987 that the parties agree to refer to for the execution of the present contract.
10. To immediately inform Air conciergerie of any damage or depreciation to the rented property/properties, even if the damage may not be visible.
11. To be responsible for any damage or loss caused during the stay by the tenant and/or other occupants unless there is proof that this took place accidentally or had been previously overlooked.
12. To relay in advance their date and time of arrival. ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE FOR DEPARTURE AT LEAST THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE.
13. To authorise Air conciergerie to access the accommodation with 24 (twenty-four) hours’ notice. If the stay exceeds 7 (seven) consecutive days, Air conciergerie reserves the right to access the accommodation to carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks.
14. To authorise Air conciergerie and its representative to have a copy of the passport or of any valid identity documents before entering the premises or during the duration of the rent.
15. If Air conciergerie or one of its representatives discovers any act linked with prostitution, parties, or the use of narcotics in the accommodation, they reserve the right to immediately evict the tenant and to withhold all or part of the deposit in order to proceed to the accommodation’s refurbishment.
16. All occupants of the rented property/properties must respect the present contract.
17. To not depart from the premises early without warning Air conciergerie so the inventory can be completed and the keys can be returned.
18. There will be a supplementary fee of 30€ for any arrival/departure that takes place between 6.00 am and 8.00 am and between 8.00 pm and 10 pm. There will be a fee of 50€ for any arrival/departure between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am.
19. A charge of 100€ can be deducted from the Tenant by the Owner from the security deposit for lateness or absence if warning is not given in a timely manner, or it is given more than an hour following the notified arrival time.
20. Calls made outside the rate plan are charged to the tenant.
21. Check in time is fixed at 4PM, and check out time at 10AM. Exceptions can be made with prior agreement from Air conciergerie.
Air conciergerie’S MAIN OBLIGATIONS
1. To deliver the leased property to the tenant in a good state of repair in all respects.
2. To ensure ‘quiet enjoyment’ of the building for as long as it is rented out.
3. To maintain the premises in good repair and tenantable condition, and complete all repairs, other than repairs caused by the tenant, necessary to maintain the normal condition and upkeep of the rented property/properties, unless the repairs are due to negligence or carelessness of the tenant.
4. Unless absolutely necessary, not to carry out repair work in the property during the rental period so as not to disturb the tenants and cause them less quiet enjoyment.
5. If the rental is within a communal building, to COMMUNICATE to the tenant the ground rules of the building or to PUT THESE UP ON A NOTICE BOARD IN COMMUNAL AREAS.


An inventory will be done prior to arrival of the tenants, and will be signed by both parties and returned to each party with the return of the keys. The tenant has a deadline of 48 (forty-eight) hours to contest the inventory. If no contest is made within the deadline, the above-mentioned documents will be considered as accepted without reserve by the tenant. An inventory will also be done following departure of the tenant.


Within the framework of Air conciergerie’s activity, it collects and manages personal data of the tenant. Information is gathered to execute the rental agreement and as such is communicated to the owner of the property. Conforming to the relevant French law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, modified in 2004, the tenant has the right of access to and rectification of any data concerning them. This right can be exercised by contacting Air conciergerie. The Tenant can also oppose for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data related to him.


In the event of non-payment of rent for the agreed dates and/or breach or violation of one of the obligations set out in the present contract, Air conciergerie can terminate of the present contract by rights if they so desire and without judicial proceedings 8 (eight) days after a notice and/or a warning have remained unsuccessful. If the tenant refuses to vacate the premises, Air conciergerie can enforce the vacation of the property with a court order from the president of the court with jurisdiction.
Additionally, it is expressly advised that any rent unpaid at the term of the contract, including charges or expenses not paid in the same conditions will have the amount increased by a penalty clause of 10% (ten percent) according to article 1226 of the French Civil Code eight days after Air conciergerie sends a registered letter with recorded delivery to request payment and warning that the penalty clause will be applied. This letter replaces the previous cancellation clause and protects Squarebreak without prejudice from any damages or claims brought by the tenant’s non-payment.


For the purposes of this agreement and its continuations, the Parties reside at their respective registered offices or addresses as shown on the contract.


Both parties agree that all disputes relating to the approval of these conditions will be decided upon by the competent court based on the jurisdiction of the rented property/properties. This clause does not constitute a waiver, specifically immunity from legal process and execution.