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Professionnel career

Emma was born in Cavaillon, in the very heart of Provence and, more specifically, the Luberon.
After graduating from Aix-en-Provence University with a Master’s in Economics, Emma spent a year studying in Spain, an experience that instantly gave her a strong and irreversible taste for travel and foreign cultures.

She spent 6 years working as an assets consultant in a bank, where she developed a global approach to the management of clients’ needs in terms of property transmission, taxation and investment, before leaving to start her own business.
The local economy has always been an important issue for Emma. What really matters to her is to contribute to the development of the local region and ensure that travellers enjoy high-quality hospitality and the very best Provence experience. She is also keen to help property-owners who wish to settle in the region.

After 18 years in the hospitality business, including 15 years in the catering sector, learning from experience what anticipation, organisation and client culture were all about, she was eager to accompany property-owners by doing for them the work that she had done for herself for so long.
That was the beginning of AIR|conciergerie, an agency that

specialises in holiday rental management and which was established 2014.
AIR | conciergerie has grown to become AIR|Property Provence, an estate agency with a difference that handles property management from a holiday rental stance.
In addition, globe-trotting Emma spends every winter escaping to the far reaches of the planet, so she knows exactly what it takes to make a successful holiday that will never be forgotten. She also knows how important it is to be properly guided when moving or investing abroad.

AIR conciergerie AIR Property Provence

That’s how AIR|conciergerie, an agency specialising in holiday rentals and service was born in 2014.
Today AIR | conciergerie is expanding and becoming AIR|Property Provence, a hybrid real estate agency that approaches property from the angle of holiday rentals, service and experiences in Provence.

A personal note

Thanks to Deborah Mastroianni for this cross-presentation.

AIR conciergerie has been around for 10 years now. There have been many stages in the development of my little business, but it’s all happened step by step and in the right order ;)!

The desire to welcome travelers to superb holiday homes for memorable moments is still there. Having travelled a lot myself, both on my own and with my family, I know exactly what you need in your holiday homes: peace and quiet, authenticity and soul.

Since the creation of the agency, I’ve been trying to establish a certain standard, but I’ve never succeeded. I choose houses that are like me and in which I could spend an excellent holiday!

I also like service, luxury is a big word that I find hard to tackle, but quality, courtesy and availability are important to me and I want AIR to reflect that.

AIR is a hybrid agency that builds its identity from the related sectors of real estate and tourism, holiday rental agency, concierge service, property sales and search, tourism services, hotel services.

Since 2021, AIR has been helping you buy your next holiday home. This was another step in the right direction. I hate estate agents, so it was difficult for me to position myself, but I believe that you can imagine things in your own image and do them the way you want. Selling by glibness, one-shots, hiding your face to sell and so on….that’s not going to happen with us! I want to work on a long-term basis with my landlords, buyers and sellers. To support them with their property projects in a transparent way. To achieve this, I’ve brought on board some talented property consultants, including Deborah Mastroianni and another one who’s still a bit shy 😉

Finally, as part of my global vision, I’d like to add my globetrotting touch. With 20 years of long-distance travel and over 30 countries discovered, AIR will be offering travellers in Provence a range of tourist services, tours and original experiences that smell of the South of France.

Contact details:
Tel.: +33 (0)6 18 70 32 72