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There are different types of mandates. The sale mandate (exclusive or simple), and the search mandate.

The sales mandate:

This represents the object of the transaction, the sale. In the mandate, the property is described, the overall sale price as well as the owner’s net income.
The mandate also indicates the amount of the remuneration, the commission received by the agency
The mandate must be numbered and registered in a dedicated register.
Is limited in duration: generally valid for 3 months and renewable by tacit agreement.
Two types of sales mandate exist, to best adapt to the needs of each client, their history and context.

Exclusive mandate.

The exclusive mandate allows the sale of a property to be entrusted to a single real estate agent who has exclusive rights. It works on the principle of mutual trust: the seller places all his trust in his agent who in return undertakes to devote particular energy to the sale of the property. The rarity of a property is a tool for increasing its value.

Simple mandate.

The simple mandate makes it possible to entrust the transaction to different professionals and permit to the owner, if he wishes, to proceed himself to the search for buyers. This mode of operation allows greater freedom for the seller, but limits the agent in the search for buyers, often looking for exclusive properties.
The choice of the off market or discreet sale.

The choice of a discreet sale

In order to adapt to its clients who are looking for discretion, AIR Property Provence offers the confidential sale and the discreet sale. Public communication about the property is very limited and the specific terms of the sale are established upstream between the owner and the agent.
But how can you sell a property without communicating? AIR Property Provence is working hard to build a solid foundation with other partner agencies around the world, your property will be in good hands!

Search mandate

The search mandate allows you to entrust your purchase project to an estate agent. With precise specifications, the future owner entrusts the search for the property to his agency in return for a fee.
AIR Property Provence undertakes to carry out in-depth searches for its clients according to their criteria, in collaboration with agencies and/or direct owners, until the ideal property is found.
Why opt for a search mandate?
Searching for a property to buy can be stressful and time consuming. It also involves being extremely responsive and vigilant. It also involves being on site for visits. AIR Property Provence, thanks to its experience and strong local presence can save you a considerable amount of time in finding the house of your dreams and avoiding the pitfalls.
Our vision of real estate is long term and we wish to build a relationship of trust with you at all stages of your real estate life.