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A look back at 2023, holiday rentals. What are the trends and changes?

Trends :

In 2023, the travel industry saw some significant changes. One notable trend was the rise in last-minute bookings, coupled with a preference for flexible cancellation policies that adapt to travellers’ changing needs.

Ecotourism has also seen a rise in popularity. According to a study by Tourlane, in 2023 68% of travellers will be looking for outdoor experiences for their holiday destinations, indicating an appetite for more nature-based holidays. At the same time, the concept of local tourism has gained momentum, reinforcing the idea that our residents are also our first tourists.

Family holidays have come back to the fore, with a study by Abritel on travel trends in 2022 revealing that 88% of French travellers value holidays with family or friends more than ever. These holidays are increasingly focused on reconnecting and creating lasting memories.

Cycle tourism has considerably broadened its appeal. Vélo & Territoires reports that 52% of French people are now more attracted to cycle tourism than before the pandemic.This growth is reflected in the increasing number of cyclists, with an 18% increase in cycling traffic compared to 2019 and a 26% increase since 2017.

Finally, direct bookings have risen significantly. A study by Coach Omnium highlights that in 2022, 70% of travellers chose to book directly with establishments, a substantial increase compared to 30% in 2017. This shift indicates a growing desire for more direct interaction between hosts and travellers.

The good news: these evolving trends collectively reflect a shift towards more sustainable and responsible travel practices, aligning perfectly with AIR Property Provence’s vision of an eco-conscious rental economy.

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Transformations :

Also, following these observed trends, here is what AIR Property Provence has achieved in 2023:

Improved communication efficiency: improved inbox filters for effective communication with our travellers, and optimising the customer journey.
Major partnerships: The launch of multiple ad distribution with Maeva, Veepee and Holidu has opened up new horizons and more distribution channels!
Traveller experience and safety: Synchronised check-ins, updated operating guides on mobile phones, GPS point in the name of the house, all help to optimise the traveller’s journey.
Sustainable visibility: Synchronisation of our eco-equipment with Holidu to increase the visibility of your adverts and conversion rates!
Revamped payment processes: With Stripe account onboarding made easier, as well as better integration and simplification of our invoicing system, customer payment management is smoother than ever.
Easier review management: Review responses assisted by artificial intelligence (AI), as well as automated responses to traveller and host reviews, setting new standards in the management of our e-reputation.