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My favorite place on the earth ! Brooke Smith interview

Brooke Smith !

We are starting a list of portraits of people who love Provence, the Luberon and the Provençal people. These people are generous enough to share their love of our beautiful region in a short interview. Whether they have lived in the Luberon all their lives, or have recently moved there, or come here for regular holidays, it doesn’t matter, what is important is the exchange and the emotion that you get when you come here!


Brooke came in the summer of 2022, to this beautiful house that we modestly call CABANNE, with two NN, yes, yes, because that’s how we call this corner of Luberon, Cabanne.
Cabanne is located in Bonnieux, not far from the extraordinary Forêt des Cèdres . Cabanne is the house of a happy owner, a talented architect, who has used all his knowledge to reconnect three small shepherd houses. The property is lost in nature, in the middle of the oaks and clinging to the mountain like an eagle’s nest. I love Cabanne!
This summer of 2022, in the month of July, I am waiting in Cabanne for travellers who are coming from Los Angeles. The family arrives in a car and the driver parks downhill, far from the car park. I indicate that they should park a little higher up. The driver said “no problem” and the car, driven by an iron fist, drove in reverse, slaloming in the gravel and between the oaks, all the way up to me! I thought to myself: “here’s a girl who’s not kidding, and it feels good! It was Brooke :)!


My name is Brooke Smith and I am an actress and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles.

My family and I have been coming to Provence for 20 years now, and we specifically love the Luberon. We have stayed in Menerbes, Goult, Bonnieux and Lourmarin.
I think it’s one of my favorite places on earth; it’s so beautiful and the people, the food, and the wine! Plus we are close enough to go to Marseille and the sea.
I would love to have a place near Lourmarin. I need to make more money !

Brooke comment

We have been coming to this area in the Luberon for years and this house was incredible. It’s located in the park between Lourmarin and Bonnieux and is completely private. The pool and grounds are gorgeous, and there is a lot of room for a large group (we were 6). Emmanuelle was so easy to work with and even arranged a chef to come and cook for us for a few days. We would love to return some day.

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