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How to prepare your property for seasonal rental ?

How to prepare your property for seasonal rental? Where do I start? What are the details that count ? AIR Property Provence offers you an accompaniment to the preparation of your property for seasonal rental and gives you some advice.

Tips for a good start of the season:

In order for your rentals to go well and for your guests to find in your house the standards of excellence and service promoted by AIR Property Provence, here is a reminder of the important points to start the season well.


The cleanliness of your property is very important. Don’t forget to plan the “opening” cleaning at the beginning of the season and to check the cleaning before your stay.

Security :

There are simple things you can do to make your property safer. Make sure your property is in compliance with current safety standards: alarms, smoke detectors, pool alarm, fire extinguisher, etc.
A first aid kit is also appreciated (bandages, cream for burns, disinfectant, insect bites).


All equipment must be immediately usable by your guests.
Check if necessary :
  • The full tank of fuel.
  • Stock of wood or gas for the barbecue (2 bottles of gas are necessary, if we have to intervene to provide a bottle, the displacement will be charged).
  • The material necessary to clean the barbecue or the plancha (brush and barbecue cleaner).
  • A set of light bulbs and batteries for the remote controls (TV, Air conditioning).

Maintenance :

Top quality equipment in perfect condition guarantees a smooth stay for your guests.
  • Make sure that the equipment in your property is in good working order: WIFI, appliances, audio system, air conditioning, barbecue, Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, etc.
  • Prepare a kit of small consumables for your Property Manager: batteries, light bulbs, fuses, etc.
  • Plan a good maintenance of the swimming pool: follow-up of the swimming pool operator during the season, good functioning of the roller shutter (if not, think of installing another security system).
  • Check the condition of the sunshades and sunbeds and make sure that there are enough of them, i.e. that the equipment corresponds to the number of travelers.


For your guests to enjoy their stay, it is essential that the kitchen is well equipped. Make sure that the dishes are in good condition and in sufficient quantity (plates, cutlery, glasses). Also provide a kitchen background (at your discretion). A blender, a food processor, a steamer and a citrus press are a plus.


A good stay for your guests requires impeccable bedding and towels in sufficient quantity to accommodate the maximum number of people. Mattresses and pillows (2 pillows per person) must be in good condition and equipped with a draw sheet.
Pool towels with rotation (if you have a capacity of 10 people, it is preferable to have 20 towels to ensure the rotation).

Personal belongings:

Don’t forget to isolate your valuables and personal objects in closed closets: personal decorations, photos, clothes, etc. Your Property Manager will seal them if necessary.


Bicycles are a plus. Bikes must be in good condition (inflated tires) and an inflator, lock and anti-theft device must be available.

Key boxes:

Key boxes are highly recommended for cleaning staff and early arrivals of travelers. A key box is very easy to use. For added security, you can install a key box for the gate keys and a key box in the house for the front door keys.

Details that matter:

  • Wooden hangers and consistent.
  • Matching pool towels.
  • Ironing equipment in good condition so you can get dressed up.
  • Dedicated work space.
  • Possibility to make independent entries.
  • High speed wifi.
  • Netflix and international channels.
  • Hi-fi, audio system.
  • Air conditioning and cooling system (summers are getting hotter and hotter and this point is becoming fundamental).
  • Clothesline in good condition and dryer.
  • Household utensils (broom and mop with bucket, vacuum cleaner and cleaning products for the floor, surface disinfectant, dishwashing liquid, 1 x 50/100 L garbage bag in the trash can and one in advance, toilet paper).
  • Pets are allowed (with an extra charge for cleaning).

We know that it is often difficult to think of everything, especially when you are not on site. It is also our role to help you prepare your homes. That is why we have set up a “house opening” service so that we can prepare your property for the season. This service is charged by the hour. For more information, contact us at this email address:

Another solution to avoid the rush at the beginning of the season is to subscribe to our yearly stewardship subscription. We take care of the follow-up and maintenance (if necessary) of your property once a month or more. This way, you avoid unpleasant surprises and problems during your stay in your second home. There is nothing more frustrating than spending your time off managing maintenance problems in your second home! We can help you, don’t hesitate.