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Notary’s fees, how it’s work in France ?

Notary fees are actually “acquisition costs” that are added to the purchase price of your property. This is important to take into account when considering your total budget.

Who pays the notary fees?

In France, notary fees are payable by the buyer only. The buyer also pays the registration fees.

How much are the notary fees?

Notary fees amount to 8% of the purchase price for an old property and 3% of the purchase price for a new property that has never been occupied.

Breakdown of acquisition costs.

The acquisition costs are broken down as follows
– 80% taxes and duties collected on behalf of the state
– 10% disbursements
– 10% notary’s fees or emoluments.
The amount of these costs cannot be negotiated.
It’s possible to do a simulation of your notary fees simulation
Exemple :
Buy a property of 2 000 000 euros
Notary fees 160 000 euros