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What insurance should I choice for my holiday rental ?

What insurance should I choice for my holiday rental ?

In order to be successful, a seasonal rental must be prepared as early as possible. Your home insurance contract is part of the essential preparations for a serene rental. What should you bear in mind? Who should take out holiday rental insurance? What to do in case of a claim?

Do I have to take out holiday lettings insurance?

First of all, it is important to note that there is no obligation to take out seasonal rental insurance, either on the part of the owner of the rented property or on the part of the traveller staying in the property. However, it is preferable to be insured to cover the risks and protect the property. It is also preferable for the traveller to take out holiday insurance to cover him/her in the event of a problem.

Are you a homeowner with home insurance?

To be insured when you rent out your property, you must, in addition to your home insurance, declare the seasonal rental of your property to your insurer. Generally, rental insurance policies cover the following :
– insurance against accidental damage to or theft of your insured property
– insurance for financial losses in the event of a guaranteed loss that makes it impossible to use the accommodation

Are you a seasonal tenant?

What is holiday insurance?

Holiday insurance is a guarantee that allows tenants to be covered if they are responsible for a loss in your property. Most of the time, standard comprehensive home insurance policies include a “holiday insurance” section, so you’ll just have to check. You should also check that this holiday insurance is extendable abroad.
Holiday cover generally allows you to insure your civil liability in the holiday homes you occupy (holiday rental, stay with friends, home exchange….). Here the tenant is covered in the event that he causes damage to the owner (fire, water damage, glass breakage etc…)
AIR Property Provence can explain in detail what you need to do, you can also consult the public service.
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