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How to choose a concierge service? You are the owner of a second home in the Luberon and you are looking for a concierge to take care of the seasonal rental of your property? AIR Property Provence guides you in the different points to take into consideration before making your choice

Before choosing a concierge company, you must first establish your needs, what you expect from the company that will take care of your property. You are looking for:

Once you have decided on what you want from your concierge, there are other very important details to consider as well.

It is preferable to turn to a concierge service:

Good concierge services also imply a knowledge of the geographical area of your property. Therefore, you need to:

  • choose a company close to your residence for the smooth running of the rentals, so that the providers can act quickly according to the needs of the tenants
  • service providers/interlocutors who speak several foreign languages. Our region of Provence and the Luberon attracts a lot of customers from all over the world. A traveler who does not speak French is immediately much more reassured to have a person who communicates in his language (or a language he can speak)
  • a concierge who is aware of the customs of his travelers. Indeed, it allows to keep them loyal, they come back year after year
  • a blog where the good addresses of the region are listed. Travelers want to live like us, locals. Indeed, they want to discover our favorite places

To conclude:

It seems to us that good concierge services, in all their aspects, must have a balance between sympathy and firmness. Indeed, it is necessary to be pleasant while being firm so that there is no overflow.

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