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What is responsible tourism?

Responsible or sustainable tourism, we all hear about it, but what is it?

The clichés of responsible tourism:

Responsible tourism, sustainable tourism or slow tourism is sometimes synonymous with clichés anchored in the unconscious of part of the population. However, responsible tourism does not always mean that we will do with the minimum and that we will eat dry bread and water!

Definition: what is RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL?

To travel responsibly is to travel with the awareness of its ecological impact and to try to reduce it. It is trying to travel in contact with the local population and to consume local products.

Cliché 1, staying in eco-responsible accommodation means less comfort!

Eco-responsible housing is not all housing with a dry toilet at the bottom of the garden and a shower with cold rain water!

Indeed, 90% of responsible actions in accommodation are not visible to travelers.

  • ecological bedding
  • natural paint
  • natural insulation
  • Cliché 2, responsible travel is more expensive!

    Attitudes and actions qualified as responsible cost nothing and they are more virtuous. You should know that kit furniture gives off COD and pollutes the air quality inside homes.

    For a more durable and less polluted interior, it is better to favor second hand and antique furniture, sometimes cheaper than kit furniture that does not last over time.

    Cliché 3, responsible travel is for hippies!

    Here are some interesting statistics on the% of people practicing responsible tourism:

    • population between 35 and 45 years old
    • 85% city dwellers
    • 70% family
    • 27 ù of couples

    Responsible travelers seek to “get closer to the essentials”, “favor the low season”, want “time for oneself”, “un-shared accommodation” (villa), “go less far but longer”. Responsible travelers are looking for wellness activities and meetings with the local population.

    Cliché 4, responsibly renovating your home costs more!

    Eco-responsible renovation is a real opportunity with state aid here

    Even if the costs are higher at the start, a responsible renovation will save money in the long run and attract a another category of travelers.

    The key sustainable for business?

    Often opposed, Sustainable and Business are, however, one!

    Trends 2022

    73% of travelers want to stay in eco-responsible accommodation, but only 10% of accommodation is developing an eco-responsible approach. So I just have one question, what are we waiting for so that our homes are eco-responsible?

    How to take action?

    Dear owners, AIR Property Provence has always been oriented towards slow tourism and responsible travel.
    Discover our eco-friendly practices:

    • Air property Provence selects houses where owners are sensitive to ecological issues. Indeed, we urge owners to use low consumption light bulbs, organize sorting and display eco-responsible practices in the house.
    • Air property Provence is deeply rooted in the region and forges strong links with all of its service providers. Our agency is local and on a human scale.
    • Air property Provence has a rehabilitation center for women in difficulty working for laundry management Women responsible
    • Air property Provence equips houses with cosmetics (soap and shower gel) without individual and artisanal packaging Things simple
    • Air property Provence offers you a 100% local welcome basket Atelier Marius

    Find our houses for rent here Our properties for rent